AmadaTECH Freight Elevator

AmadaTECH Freight Elevator

Freight Elevator

It is designed and manufactured to be suitable for working under heavy conditions according to its intended use. Freight elevators are vertical transportation systems that are used only for carrying loads and have a special control system in which the passenger cannot get on. It is a preferred system in stores with warehouses, markets, cargo companies, factories, workshops and logistics warehouses. Travel distance up to 5 stops, 250 Kg. They can have a carrying capacity of between 15,000 and 15,000 Kg.
Hydraulic Freight Elevators are in special manufacturing class. Due to the difference of each need and each structure, a special exploration is required.

The dimensions of the freight elevators, which have very wide usage areas, vary according to the place of use. Freight elevators are needed in many places such as warehouses, factories, buildings, markets, shopping centers. These elevators have heavy lifting capacity and enable heavy goods to be transported in a short time. For these elevators, which save both time and manpower for workplaces; We offer hydraulic system, fast handling, custom fabrication and all-inclusive prices. In addition, elevators are guaranteed for five years and we position them by supporting the architectural structure of the area you will use. In case of malfunction and maintenance needs, we provide service. Wherever you are in Turkey, we deliver your elevator to you with fast delivery.

Rope Freight Elevator

Rope hoist prices will vary depending on the features of the elevator, the model of the elevator, indoor or outdoor installation, speed, and door type. Freight elevators cater to all kinds of weights and are available in many varieties. For this reason, procuring a freight elevator suitable for your needs will be your greatest assistant in your workplace. The features of the elevators are; high control, suitable for assembly, safe, fast. They are products suitable for lifting loads, not personnel use. We have pit bottomless freight elevators. It is quite durable and it is aimed to have a long-lasting use with the maintenance services provided. For detailed information, you can visit our mobile application or freight elevator page.

High Technology Freight Elevators

Getting the right freight elevator for its purpose is critical – make sure you choose a reliable, reputable supplier who will guide you from elevator selection to procurement, installation, commissioning and maintenance. Benefit from AmadaTech expertise

Small Freight Elevator

Small freight elevator designs, which can be controlled by button control or remote control, have bearings that do not require lubrication, are produced to carry high quality and durable small loads and can be used easily in many businesses, are a very affordable variety. It undertakes a great task in the workplace by providing both fast and short transportation. It is very easy to use and clean. It has become a very necessary product as it provides goods transfer, product transportation between floors and systematic progress in workshops. You can take the monthly and annual maintenance of these products, which you can use with our fast delivery facilities all over Turkey, from our service team in your city. For more detailed information you can contact us.

What should be considered when making a Freight Elevator?

First of all, the load to be lifted should be well known, the kg capacity of the platform and the usage area should be taken into consideration.
Attention should be paid to strengthening the place where the Freight Elevator will be mounted.
The materials to be used must be certified and reliable.
For load platforms, the material to be selected must have passed a good engineering analysis, since the subject is the load.
Cylinder stroke must be calculated very well.

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