Choosing the Right Freight Elevator for Your Business

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Choosing the Right Freight Elevator for Your Business

Choosing the Right Freight Elevator for Your Business

Do you have a need to carry freight? We can help you determine the type of freight or service lift you need, whether it’s down to manual handling issues or to improve efficiency.

Choosing the right freight elevator can seem like a daunting task. Numerous choices by types, sizes and loads.

1. What tasks do you want your elevator to perform?

It may seem like the most important starting point, but the whole idea is to make life easier, make staff safer, and keep customers satisfied with your service standards. Therefore, we need to know what function the elevator should fulfill and how many floors it should serve.

2. Determining the load to be carried by the elevator

The weight and volume of each load (the items you put in the lift) determine the required lifting capacity. You may need to carry light objects in large boxes or heavy objects in small boxes. These two examples may not require the same elevator car size but may require the same weight capacity. It is very important to do this correctly, as carrying loads above its capacity will not make the elevator work efficiently.

AmadaTECH Dumbwaiter Elevators 50 kg, 100, kg, 150 kg, 200 kg carries. AmadaTECH Service Elevators 250 kg, 300 Kg can carry AmadaTECH Freight Elevators 500 kg to 3000 kg loads can carry.

3. Will you be loading at ground level or waist level?

floor level. If you plan to transport heavy or dimensional goods on a pallet or service truck, you will need a ground level tail lift (for example, our service lift – freight lift series). For example, it is a freight elevator used to transport goods in a hospital, cafeteria, factory or hotel.

Waist level. If your elevator is to improve service in a cafe or restaurant, then a Food Elevators service at waist level is the most suitable option.

4. How many elevators will you ideally need?

It depends on the size of your operation, the speed you need to move the goods and the number of staff using the elevators. It is also determined by the size and layout of your facilities.

The service elevator used for food and beverage service generally depends on the service density of the place to be installed. In places with low density, different sizes of waist-level elevators are sufficient. In very busy places, double loading elevators are installed, one for service and the other for dishes. Double-deck, two service elevators in a single shaft is another alternative option. It should be noted that usually food elevators are made of stainless steel for ease of cleaning and hygiene.

5. And finally, can your facilities meet your needs?

The final decision is how much floor space, pit depth or ramp is required to match the lift type you choose, and the final floor height. In this regard, our company provides free survey, architectural support, project support and technical support. We help you determine how to meet your ideal requirements for your facility.

You can review our Dumbwaiter Elevator E Catalog.

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