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Elevator Modernization for a better service

Regardless of the technology, modernization may be required to provide elevators with some functions that they have lost over time or never had, to increase elevator safety, comfort and efficiency, or to improve their aesthetic appearance. After certain years, the working efficiency of elevators decreases, causing mechanical problems and starting to malfunction from time to time. The mechanical parts in the elevator systems are the main power sources and safety devices of the elevator. There may be an exceptional situation for an elevator that has reached a certain age. If you are planning to modernize the elevator system in your building, the elevator must be examined on a project basis. If there is an imbalance between the elevator’s own cost and the cost of modernization, full modernization should be preferred. On the other hand, if the risk ratio of the elevator used in the building is high, the cost is always secondary.


As time passes, the technological needs of your elevator increase, in connection with this, the problems in the existing system increase and the need for innovation arises.


As a result of a professional modernization, it can ensure that your elevator’s performance is at the highest level and that it is at the same level with today’s existing technological elevators.


Modernization not only brings aesthetics and innovation to your elevator, it also ensures compliance with new elevator directives.


Elevators may not need modernization due to wear and tear. Working functions may not be able to meet building needs over time


A large part of the elevators in use do not comply with today’s safety standards. For this reason, the revision of all the mechanical and electronic equipment, especially the safety systems of the elevators, is an issue that should not be ignored for the safe use of the elevator. It can be understood from the accidents in elevators that elevator safety is a subject that should not be taken lightly. The elevator industry, which is positively affected by the great developments in technology, makes the elevator and elevator equipment that it assembles or manufactures in the absence of certain standards, in accordance with today’s technology. For this reason, it is important for reliable elevator use to determine whether the elevator you are using is in compliance with the standards. Our company inspects the compliance of your elevators with today’s standards free of charge and presents the result to you in a report. To benefit from this service, please contact our company.


Brake assembly

Speed governor

Impact (down-the-hole) buffer

Door safety locks

Automation systems

After certain years, the working efficiency of elevators decreases, causing mechanical problems and starting to malfunction from time to time. The mechanical parts in the elevator systems are the main power sources and safety devices of the elevator.

Elevator systems are designed using mechanical principles. The process that makes the elevator start, move or stop is based on elevator mechanical principles. The safe and efficient operation of an elevator depends on the health of the mechanical system. The static and dynamic balances of the elevator moving with the effect of force are extremely important. The faultless operation of the mechanical systems in the elevator ensures life safety.

With the force effect of the machine, engine or other components in the elevator system, the elevator accelerates and moves. Over time, some parts of the elevators wear out with friction arising from the force and acceleration relationship. Metal parts in elevator systems constantly carry the same tension. Parts that are constantly exposed to stress lose their durability over a period of time. The reason for the aging and rupture of the metal parts in the elevator systems is the fact that the metal dimensions change due to the weakening of the resistances due to the force and pressure effects of the structure of the molecules that bind the metals to each other atomically.

It may take about 30 years for metal parts to completely lose their functionality in elevator systems, which are placed under stress. Of course, the service life may vary depending on the type and properties of the metals used in the elevator. Another reason for the wear and tear of the elevator metals is the vibration and repetitive movements in the system. Elevator modernization will become essential since worn elevator parts cannot meet the safety criteria. Modernization or revision may not be needed in elevators only due to wear and tear. The working functions of elevators may not be able to meet the building needs in time. Considering the increasing loads and traffic rates, modernization is inevitable.


The elevator can be given a brand new face with an up-to-date design. A contemporary look can be given to the walls by using stainless steel or aluminum alloy coating materials on the wall section of the elevator cabin. By replacing the elevator ceiling section with a laser cut convex or convex ceiling model, a different decoration can be achieved by using spot or LED lights in the elevator lighting. Impressive results can be achieved by using laminate, linoleum or marble flooring in the floor section in the elevator. Finally, the elevator buttons inside and outside the elevator cabin are renewed and the visual elevator modernization is completed.


However, modernizing your elevator only in appearance does not replace elevator modernization. The elevator cabin you use in your building may not be safe and may not meet the safety criteria. In the modernization of the elevator, all the carrier suspensions of the elevator, all the brake systems must be completely renewed and the safety door must be installed in the cabin. After the engineers and expert technical personnel of our company perform the necessary examinations and traffic calculations in the place where the elevator is used, a report is prepared in line with the modernization needs of your elevator. In the elevator modernization report prepared by our experts, you can clearly see the maintenance, repair, spare parts and labor costs, as well as the modernization process and the delivery time. Identifying and defining dangerous situations in elevator systems and periodic maintenance on elevators should be done only by experts. Elevator modernization is subject to national regulations. After determining the weak points of the elevator as a result of an active evaluation, the current security level can be achieved with modernization criteria. Elevator modernization is a continuation process that includes a preventive and protective elevator maintenance procedure. The elevator modernization process starts on the basis of a checklist with more than 80 parameters. For an elevator, modernization, in short, means changing the basic features of the installation to the extent of competence and technically upgrading the equipment used.

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