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Amada TECH is Turkey’s leading elevator company with advanced technology and superior quality in the production of elevators and escalators. It is a modern and professional elevator manufacturer integrating design, research and development, engineering, production, sales, installation and maintenance as a whole.

Service excellence is more than just service. This is how we think and act. It’s not just “fixing a problem” or performing routine maintenance, it’s also the “smile” of the voice on the phone, quick responses to all requests, and the constant pursuit of improvement. It’s how we work together and how we work with our customers.


When purchasing an elevator, you purchase an organization with which you will be in a long-term relationship and establish friendships. For this reason, after-sales service is one of the most important parts of our business. Since we are dealing with a job that will affect human life, we undertake the maintenance and responsibility of every elevator we manufacture and assemble, within the framework of the contracts signed with the customer.


With our service network divided into several regions, one of our quality criteria is to intervene as quickly as possible. With our experienced technical staff, we continue to provide confidence and convenience to our customers by providing timely and accurate solutions to all kinds of problems.


Our company ensures regular after-sales maintenance of your elevator for uninterrupted and safe use. Parts replaced during maintenance, breakdown or modernization are guaranteed.


With the Electronic Database, all the information and analysis of your elevator are stored on our servers, and they are meticulously examined every week.


Our experienced personnel in Elevator Maintenance services provide service with a service network divided into regions. With the order of our customer, a work that will last for years begins. It is never enough to offer you a quality product. As long as the elevator is in service, our technical service for maintenance and repair is always ready for service. All elevators under our maintenance responsibility are under control so that you can use them safely with a scheduled maintenance service every month. All service requests (fault notifications) received by our company are recorded and the fault unit is immediately notified. The fault is fixed as soon as possible by the team that intervenes in the fault. Amada TECH elevator technical service has a strong team and a spare part stock that will meet all kinds of elevator needs. In addition, all service operations are recorded and archived in our company, so all operations can be observed as long as your elevator is in service.

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Cleaning the machine room,
Machine / Engine cleaning and equipment tire control,
Oil and bearing grease level control and cleaning,
Checking and cleaning of motor contactors,
Control and cleaning of the control panel,
Checking and (if necessary) adjustment of the engine brake setting,
Control of hinge, lock and plug contacts of doors,
Cleaning of automatic door floor and cabin thresholds,
Control of the over-cabinet Inspection switch,
Control of cabin ALARM and STOP (if any) button/button

Functionality of indicators, direction lights, buttons and control of all bulbs,
Control of carrier steel ropes along the well,
Checking the oil level of the Cab and Counterweight oilers and completing them (if necessary),
Adjustment of Cab and Counterweight oilers (if necessary),
Backlash control on the motor shaft,
Control and (if necessary) adjustment of the sensitivity of stopping at the floor,
Control of the overload system,
Control of cabin emergency communication, lighting and help system,
Cleaning the cab overhead platform

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