Buildings Without Elevators

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Buildings Without Elevators

Going to the upper floors in villas and low-rise buildings can turn into torture, especially for the elderly and the disabled. Property owners also face the difficulty of being in a place without an elevator in our modern age. Elevator is one of the important tools that add value and glorify a real estate. However, there are concerns that non-recyclable buildings and villas do not have an elevator shaft or that the installation will have a constricting effect. Problems get professional solutions with the Out-of-Building Human Elevator, which does not require a pit and a machine room. They have an important share in the wide product range with their different advantages and model options according to demand. Installation outside the building is very important for houses and villas with space problems.

What are the advantages?

Outdoor Human Elevator is frequently used in areas where there is no space and space problem in the interior of the apartment or villa. It can be easily applied for places whose construction has been completed and such a space has not been designed in the project. It is easily preferred in irregular areas, historical buildings, offices and workplaces with its fast and easy assembly and economical construction price. As they are not included in the elevator class within the scope of the machinery safety regulation, they do not need an extra license. They are modern systems designed especially for the elderly, pregnant women and the disabled. Produced as super thin, the Outdoor Passenger Elevator occupies a small exterior area and offers a large and spacious cabin environment. The system, which usually consists of glass coatings since they are outside, is produced from stainless steel resistant to all kinds of climatic conditions. It is put on sale after being tested under low speed capacity and high security measures. Since it is located in the external structure, different model options are offered and assembly is provided by making production according to your request. You can contact us immediately for a free discovery and cost table.

Exterior Elevator Cost

Outdoor disabled elevator prices are quite low compared to other elevator systems. The main reason for this is that it does not require a license. Another reason is that there is no demolition and design from the inside, minimizing construction costs. Thanks to the hydraulic silent system, it is possible to have a comfortable and safe system at low cost. In elevator systems, which have become a necessity for disabled, elderly and pregnant women, problems such as insufficient pit, no machine room, no space inside are no longer a problem, and low-cost conveniences are offered with professional solutions. You can contact us immediately for free exploration and model selection.

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