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Life is full of OBSTACLES. CALL US for a barrier-free life. OVERCOME THE hurdles TOGETHER.

AmadaTECH stair lift is the only elevator in the world that takes up the least space when floored and has the feature of protecting itself when the power is cut off.

Stair Chair Lift

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor
Carrying Capacity: 125 Kg
Speed : 0.15 m/s
Comfortable elegant design
Innovative and flexible design
Foldable Seat – Seat Belt
Different flooring options
Adjustable armrests
One-step automatic folding
Operating Voltage: 24 Volt DC
Weight Sensor On Seat
Control System (PLC Digital): Yes
Seat belt that you can put on and take off with one hand
Wireless controls at stops
Easy to use and lockable control handle
5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

The stairlift with flat or swivel seats has been developed for people with stair climbing problems.

merdiven asansörü

Stair lift in size and capacity for wheelchair access for our Disabled Citizens

Straight Type Stair Lift

Working Height: Max. 4 Meters
Platform Dimensions: 70×90 cm
Carrying Capacity: 150 Kg
Operating Voltage: 24 Volt DC
Power: 0.4 Kw
Advance Speed: 2.8 m/minute
Warning Warning System: Audible – Illuminated
Base Safety Switches: Yes
Floor Safety Switches: Yes
Railing : Yes
Ramp : Yes
Barrier: Yes (Manual)
Floor Call Button: Yes
Control System (PLC Digital): Yes
Battery (Charged): Optional
Remote Control : Optional
5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

There is only one government incentive for disabled elevators and the room is VAT exempt. Other than that, there is no legal incentive or law.

According to the machine directive, its speed is 0.15mt./s. No license is required for elevators below.

Complete Product Warranty and Spare Parts Warranty Against Manufacturing, Labor, Assembly Errors
Total Warranty Period 5 Years

If we make a general definition of the accessibility regulation, all public, social places, schools, hospitals, municipalities, etc. It is the law article that describes the necessary infrastructure works for them to be able to independently enter, move and exit places such as and common use areas.

Stairlifts are diversified as straight and spiral staircases. Straight stairlifts can be applied to straight stairs inside or outside the home, while spiral stairlifts are generally applied to stairs inside the home.

During the selection of stairs, the comfort and safety of the product are the most sensitive issues. Stair lifts, which are mainly used by elderly and sick people, must have a high level of safety.
Another important issue is; It is the subject of pre-sales and after-sales support of the company from which you purchased the stairlift.

Stair Chair Lift

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Curve Stair Lift

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