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After the annual elevator inspection system, which was put into effect in 2012, but has been fully implemented in the last days, there will be no elevators that are currently working, but consciously or unconsciously Missing, Unsafe.

In accordance with the “Elevator Periodic Control Regulation” published on May 4, 2018, it is obligatory to carry out annual periodic controls of elevators by A-type accredited inspection bodies. In this sense, the responsibility of the Municipalities is to authorize an A-type accredited inspection body for the periodic inspections of the lifts within their borders and to ensure that the periodic inspections of the lifts are carried out.

After the distribution of regions among the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, A-type inspection organizations and TSE teams, All Elevators will be inspected one by one, their deficiencies will be reported, and as a result of the report, the Elevator’s suitability for use will be determined with a Red or Green label depending on the Risk ratio of your Elevator. Deficiencies in the Elevators, which are deemed appropriate with the red label, are reported to the Authorized (Management) and a time limit is given for the deficiencies to be made.

As a result of this period, the Elevator will be checked again and turned into a Green label. If it is not turned, the use of the Elevator will not be allowed.

What is Periodic Inspection?
According to the Elevator Maintenance and Operation Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 05 November 2011 and numbered 28106 by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, it has been obligatory to carry out the periodic controls of the elevators as of January 01, 2012 by A Type Inspection Bodies accredited in TS EN ISO IEC 17020 Standard. In accordance with the Elevator Maintenance and Operation Regulation, periodic controls of the Elevators must be made at least once a year by Type A Accredited Inspection Bodies.

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How are nonconformities resolved?
If you submit the nonconformity report to us, by determining the necessary strategies,
We provide you with a fast and reliable modernization process from start to finish.

How Does the Modernization Process Work?
We take care of the whole process on your behalf, from taking the appointment to the control and eliminating the detected nonconformities to making the second control and getting the green label.

1. Inspection Application
The day and time of the inspection is determined by contacting the Type-A Inspection institution with which your municipality has signed a protocol.

2. Performing the Check
On the day and time of the inspection, the engineers of the inspection company carry out the inspection accompanied by our technical teams.

3. Nonconformity Report
A nonconformity report is sent to you and our company via e-mail within 10 days from the date of control.

4. Elimination of nonconformities
Work is started to eliminate nonconformities and our expert teams resolve these nonconformities as soon as possible.

5. Tracking Control
After the nonconformities are eliminated, the inspection body is contacted again and the day and time is determined for the second control.

6. Green Label
Performs a second check and ends the modernization process by attaching the Green label to a visible part of the elevator cabin.

Red Label in Elevator
The presence of a red label in the elevator is a negative situation for elevator safety. It is the label affixed to unsafe elevators, indicating that the nonconformities of the elevator should be eliminated as soon as possible after the high risk tests and examinations applied by the expert control engineers for the safety of life and property. It must be done within 30 days.
Yellow Label in Elevator
The presence of a yellow label in the elevator is an indication that the elevator is in the risk class. It is a label affixed to elevators that poses a risk to your life and property after tests and inspections by expert control engineers. Although they do not carry as high risk as red-label elevators, their functionality is low. Elevator must be built within 60 days.
Blue Label in Elevator
The Blue label in the elevator tells that the elevator carries a risk, even if it is small. It is the label stating that your elevators pose a slightly defective level risk for your life and property after the tests and examinations carried out by expert control engineers. Periodic control of the elevator must be carried out within 12 months and notified to the relevant administration.
Green Label in Elevator
The presence of the Green label on the elevator indicates that your elevator is safe. It is the label given to elevators that are completely suitable for use, without any risk to your life and property safety, after the tests and examinations made by expert control engineers for your elevator.


Elevator periodic controls and applications are applications that have been implemented with the aim of ensuring the safety of life and property of the residents of the city.
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