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Amada TECH Villa Elevator Systems

They are elevators designed to be applied in duplex and triplex villa type buildings. The most important feature of villa elevators is that they can be applied in buildings that did not require an elevator during the projecting phase and whose construction was completed.

Amada TECH is Turkey’s leading elevator company with advanced technology and superior quality in Elevator and Escalator production. It is a modern and professional elevator manufacturer integrating design, research & development, engineering, production, sales, installation and maintenance as a whole.

Steel Construction, ready-made well system villa elevator pit 17 cm (in case there is no pit, it starts with an elevation of 15 cm on the ground floor. It is preferred in duplex apartments or places with underfloor heating. We produce solutions with a ramp in places where there is no pit.) – hydraulic, not subject to license, Please take a look at our home elevator page for our quiet, machine room-free model. More Details:

We have hydraulic, machine room and machine roomless models in our villa elevators with well system (with elevator space).

In the pit system villa elevator, the bottom of the pit is 150 cm. The location of the elevator should be specified in your architectural project.

There is no need for a machine room on the last floor in hydraulic system villa elevators. In our machine room model, there is a need for a machine room on the upper floor. In our model without machine room, the top floor height must be high. 3 model villa elevator You can get support from our company for size and project.

As it is used in buildings with hydraulic elevator shafts, it is the best solution with the aluminum shaft option we offer in buildings without a shaft. It can be used in villas, workplaces, roof duplexes and all other buildings that have problems with the shaft of the pit and the height of the top floor. Thanks to its wide door and cabin options, it can be easily used by the elderly, disabled and parents with babies.

Villa elevators and residential elevators designed for high living

AmadaTECH Villa Elevators have a strong aesthetic sensibility, villa elevators are incredibly well designed – villa elevators are also a master class in innovation.
Re-imagine, rethink and rework how you move around your home. AmadaTECH villa elevators are fast, smooth and elegant.
The AmadaTECH Villa Elevator is built to elegantly place in clean spaces and can be placed in the corner of a room, in the crevice of a spiral staircase.

Villa Elevator

The dimensions of the villa elevator are prepared in accordance with the general dimensions of the building. In addition, it is aimed to prepare the villa elevator in a correct and ready way depending on the purpose of use. For these reasons, although the work done does not have a standard cost, you can contact our company for the manufacture of an elevator that works with high quality and high performance. It is very important that the design and manufacturing processes are carried out by experienced specialists in order for the villa type elevators, which can be prepared for many different needs, to work correctly and comfortably. In the process of adding the villa elevator to your apartment, we ensure that the villa elevators with or without shaft are prepared correctly and in accordance with the projecting rules. In addition, we are working to ensure that the elevators with the necessary systems are installed correctly by our company in order that you do not need a machine room..

After the completion of your order processes, exploratory visits and design processes are carried out accurately and quickly by our experienced employees for a correct production process. Since the cost of the villa elevator varies depending on all these preparation processes, it is given after the transaction. We continue our services to finalize your production solutions in the fastest way possible for your domestic or international orders.

Special Elevator Manufacturing for Elderly or Disabled Individuals

We help you to manufacture sofa type villa elevators, which are mostly used by elderly individuals, in an accurate and comfortable way. We continue all of the design work we carry out to deliver our products to you in the most appropriate and correct way. We are carrying out our work to produce it in accordance with the staircase and building type. In addition, the use of villa type elevators is very advantageous for individuals with limited mobility to lead a comfortable life.

World Class Quality Villa Elevators

Villa elevator prices attract attention with our products offered with quality components and reliable design guarantee, as well as being very advantageous and affordable. While ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones, it is a very advantageous product to make a significant positive contribution to your comfort. You can contact our company within the scope of obtaining a comfortable living space for many years with the villa elevators that have CE quality and safety certificates.

The AmadaTECH Villa Elevator is a simple yet very elegant solution to make living inside your home easier.

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