No Shaft Pit Elevator

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AmadaTECH® No Shaft Pit elevators are hydraulic elevators designed to lift obstacles in private residences and villas, bringing a touch of design to any environment without the need for construction work. There is no need for an elevator shaft. Because there is no need for a pit bottom, AmadaTECH Well bottomless elevators contribute to a significant cost savings compared to a conventional elevator.

It provides mobility for people where stairs are an inevitable obstacle, which makes it accessible for people with reduced mobility or the elderly.

AmadaTECH® No Shaft Pit elevators are quick, practical and easy to install as they are integrated into the self-supporting steel construction that does not require construction work. The fact that AmadaTECH pit bottomless elevator installation requirements are very limited is applicable, all you need is just enough space to specify for elevator installation.

AmadaTECH® No Shaft Pit elevators are very quiet hydraulic elevators with very low energy consumption.

AmadaTECH® No Shaft Pit villa elevators are a safe and reliable elevator. There is a double-sided beam curtain (length photocell) that gently stops the cabin at the slightest movement detection. The safety of passengers is guaranteed. Optionally, it is also possible to include a passcode or card reader as a security measure to prevent unauthorized use of the lift. Finally, an automatic device that brings the car to the nearest floor to allow the evacuation of passengers in the event of a power outage is included as standard in our pit lifts.

AmadaTECH® No Shaft Pit elevators are a design element for your home. Various cabinet decoration options are available: Laminated glass, laminate or stainless steel walls, there are different models to choose from. We have black matte or glossy stainless satin or mirrored stainless accessory alternatives. We have wide-framed models with ral painted and stainless-coated wide-framed doors.

AmadaTECH® No Shaft Pit elevators are certified elevators according to the 2006/42 / CE machine directive and are not subject to license.


Rated load 250 kg, 315 kg or 400 kg
Same direction entry, Opposite entry, Cross entry
Rated speed 0.15 m/s
Traction Hydraulic
Maximum cruise 15 meters
Cabin height : 2000 mm
Pit 170 mm (No pit is required with ramp)
Doors 700 mm manual landing doors. There is no cabin door.
Power 1.5 kW and 2.2 kW.

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