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Home Elevators have superior features and advanced security systems. by AmadaTECH, we export to more than 50 countries, including European countries.

They are low speed elevators designed to be applied in duplex and triplex villa type buildings. The most important feature of home elevators is that they can be applied in buildings that did not require an elevator during the design phase and whose construction was completed.

AmadaTECH is the leading company in Turkey with advanced technology and superior quality in the production of elevators and escalators. It is a modern and professional elevator manufacturer integrating design, research and development, engineering, production, sales, installation and maintenance as a whole.

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In duplex apartments. With a height of 17 cm, the system is adapted without the need to open the base.


Production is carried out in accordance with TS ISO 9386-1 standards and 2006/42/AT Machinery Safety Regulation.

Steel construction of the elevator, exterior coating in the desired color and glass coating are included in the price.


Indoor and Outdoor

Amada TECH home elevator 100×100 mm to 150×150 mm space is sufficient. We have production in special sizes.

We have manual door or fully automatic door options, laminated glass exterior or Ral painted panel options. We do not apply fees difference for steel construction color selection. Color selection is FREE in our company.


They are low speed, safe and secure private elevators that comply with machinery safety regulations. It is the most ideal elevator model for people who have difficulty walking and have difficulty going up and down stairs. Machines are not classified as elevators in accordance with safety regulations.

Our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with 2006/42/EC – 2014/35/EU directives and standards. Certified by the accredited institution. In addition to that our products comply with EN 60204-1:2018, EN 60201-1, EN ISO 12100:2010, EN ISO 13849-1:2015, EN 81-40 directives.

Solutions Suitable for Every Venue , New Generation of Elevator Systems

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All included in One Price

Steel construction of the elevator, exterior coating in the desired color and glass coating are included in the price.

  • Steel Construction is included in the price.
  • Cladding panels in desired color
  • Cladding is transparent or smoked glass
  • System electricity 220 or 380 volt
  • The Shaft Pit is 17 cm

Technicial Specifications

The most important feature of Amada TECH Home elevators is that they can be assembled in a shaft of 1000×1000 mm.

  • Capacity: 225 Kg – 450 Kg – 630 Kg
  • Speed: 0,15 m/sn
  • Max.Travel: 15 meter
  • Overhead Height: 2.5 meter
  • Machine Room : Outside the Cabin
  • System: Hydraulic

Standard Specifications

Safety measures in Amada TECH Home Lifts are offered as standard in our products.

  • UPS brings to closest floor system.
  • Braille alphabet micro-switch elevator buttons.
  • Full length Photocell.
  • Digital floor buttons.
  • Door lock system
  • Stop button inside Cabin.

4-valve imported (Italy of origin) Quiet, sensitive stop and start-up motor and pump group. Steel construction (ready shaft), adapted for indoor and outdoor using, our steel construction product is a weldless system and is E.S.B oven painted. UPS system that brings the cabin to the nearest floor in case of power failure, self-protection feature against mains electrical faults, exterior coating option according to customer preference, cabin design, special design, projecting and manufacturing according to the place where the elevator will be installed

Amada TECH Branded High-Featured Home Elevator

Amada TECH Brand
Indoor and Outdoor
Panoramic Villa Type Home Elevator
Turkish Engineering product
Steel construction / Weldless System
4+4 Laminated glass outer coating
No need for machine room
Production in special sizes
Without Shaft Pit
Silent System
Stop and Take Off Sensitive
Pump group Origin Italian SETTIMA
Pump group is provided with Continuum® technology
Machine group Origin Italian SB MOTOR/ELMO
1.st class material
Hydraulic system
4 Valves for stop start and acceleration adjustment

Full height cabin (Not Platform)
UPS Brings Cabin to floor system
Shaft leveling system
Lighting curtain (Length Photocell)
Wide framed glass door
Floor Door 4+4 laminated glass
Special design cabin models
Panoramic model Cabin
Cabin glass 4+4 laminated glass
Accessories 304 quality stainless
Laser cut led spot ceiling
Electronic control panel ARKEL
Specially designed without shaft pit L Frame®
Special 3 meter long elevator rails
Cabin Handrail
Buttons brand GENEMEK
Ready Plumbing
Fully automatic door option
Automatic door brand FERMATOR

Frame Brake system
Brake brand METROPLAST
No extra charge for color options
Fast Delivery
Transportation and assembly included all over Turkey
Special design in our aesthetic design center
Location detection– Survey service
Architectural Support / project support
Quick quotation / Dimensioning / 3D project
Android mobile application
Strong references & Satisfied customers
Direct sales from the manufacturer
3 years warranty
Wide domestic service network
Compliance report from accredited institution
Overseas assembly team
Technical support solution center in 4 languages

Home Elevator Solutions

Although the dimensions of the home type elevators depend on the floor dimensions, they are also assembled for a correct and comfortable living environment. In addition, our home elevator models, which do not require a floor opening with a height of 17 cm and can be used comfortably without pit systems, are manufactured. It is carried out by our company for the assembly and design of the indoor elevator systems you need in your home, using the right and high quality equipment. The biggest advantage of our systems used as home elevators is to help you navigate between floors comfortably in your flats with 3-4 floors. In addition to sales, manufacturing and installation services, our company, which carries out the maintenance operations of your home elevators accurately and reliably, continues to work as an integrated system. Thus, it aims to help you use your elevators in a quality and safe manner by providing all the support you need from one hand.

Increase the Elegance of Your Home with Panoramic Home Elevator Systems

The cost of all systems involved in the installation of elevator systems is included in the prices. Since the prices of panoramic home elevators vary according to the size of your apartment, the size of your elevators produced in a safe and quality way and the systems used, a net price can be offered after the discovery visits from our company. The biggest innovation that makes our company one step ahead of all other elevator manufacturers is that the color selection process is completely free. The choice of color in the manufacture and installation of all kinds of elevators that will increase the elegance of your home does not affect the prices.

Home Elevator Solutions Compliant with Machinery Regulations No License Required

All the products we manufacture are certified by accredited institutions. All our home elevators, produced with CE certification, are ready to be used to offer a quality and safe living space. You can safely use our elevators in your home, which have been produced in accordance with the 2006/42/EC and 2014/35/EU directives and have received all the quality – safety certificates correctly. The fact that our elevators, which are produced in accordance with these certifications, can be easily installed without requiring any license is also a very advantageous option. Home elevator prices are kept at the most affordable costs in order to deliver all these ergonomic and quality products to you comfortably.

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