Elevator Selection According to Building Type

Elevator Selection According to Building Type

What Kind of Elevator Do I Need?



AmadaTECH’s expert elevator installation team has an elevator solution to suit every building. Whether it’s a commercial or residential building, low-rise or high-rise building, AmadaTECH can design and install an elevator according to your individual requirements.

Something that many property managers or owners are not aware of is that different types and classes of elevators are recommended for buildings depending on the size and types of loads they will be carrying.

Smaller buildings with five floors or less usually require a hydraulic lift. Higher buildings require a machined, electric lift. In the elevator industry, these are called “passenger elevators”.

Passenger Elevators – Building Elevator

Passenger elevators are designed and rated to carry passengers. AmadaTECH Elevator designs passenger elevators in various speeds and sizes. The largest passenger elevators have a capacity of 2,500 kg, but most weigh between 800 kg and 1600 kg. Some are specifically designed for the placement of stretchers, such as hospital applications. They can be hydraulic or traction. They can also be machine roomless and are essentially a special type of electric elevator. Passenger elevator with and without machine room options

Freight Elevators
Hoists are designed for heavy-duty and material handling. Freight elevators have freight doors that open vertically and horizontally. We can customize the job AmadaTECH freight elevators have to do and the type of building you have and the loads they have to carry. We can design freight elevators to meet any speed and size capacity your building needs.

Service Elevators
Service elevators are often referred to as Personnel elevators or small Freight Elevators. Service elevators are actually regular passenger elevators equipped with utility cabins and floors and are usually found in the “employees only” area of a commercial building. The most common example is the service elevator used by housekeeping in hotels. Service elevators are also called small freight elevators. It carries loads with a capacity of 500 kg. It is used in workplaces and factories.

Commercial Elevators and Residential Elevators
Residential elevators are designed for business centers and residences. If an elevator is installed serving more than one residence, it must be a commercial elevator. Residential elevators have a capacity of 320,400, 630, 800. Residential elevator is generally applied to machine room elevator

Machine Roomless Elevators
One of the latest innovations in the elevator industry is machine roomless elevators or MRL elevators. They use a small gearless machine and motor at the top of the elevator shaft. By eliminating the machine room that most elevators require, you can achieve greater efficiency in space planning. Due to their compact structure, machine roomless elevators are used in high-rise buildings. Machine roomless elevators are also classified as passenger or freight elevators.

Dumbwaiter Elevators
Food transportation and service in residences, hotels, hospitals, villas, cafes and restaurants can be very practical. They can be set up in a small space and allow quick and easy transportation of meals, packages or other items between floors. AmadaTECH Elevator produces a special mounting elevator solution that will fully meet your needs for your building.

Dumbwaiter Elevators E Catalog

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