Dumbwaiter Elevator or Food Elevator Frequently Asked Questions

Dumbwaiter Elevator or Food Elevator Frequently Asked Questions

Dumbwaiter Elevators

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These elevators are known by folk names such as dumbwaiters, food elevators, service elevators.
It cannot be lifted in a service lift, your vehicle, your light load such as work, or beyond being lifted.

What are service elevators used for?

The service elevator can hold food, plates, glasses, etc. It is used to transport. It also works as a food elevator or kitchen elevator for a restaurant with one or more floors – helping to serve food and bring in dirty dishes. Our other model is a service elevator for ground level service. It is designed to transport service trolleys in supermarkets, catering companies, factories. It helps to carry heavy loads such as boxes, sacks, parcels, barrels, suitcases, drums at ground level.

How do I know if I need a service lift?

If you repeatedly move products or materials over two or more floors, you will need a service elevator. If you are a business owner, the Service elevator will increase your efficiency and safety. You are legally responsible for the well-being of your employees during working hours, as well as for the health and safety of everyone in the workplace. You can learn more about how to evaluate your workplace and see how an elevator can be beneficial for you in our blog on avoiding manual moving costs and risks.

Can I install a service elevator to a private residence?

You definitely can. We have installed hundreds of AmadaTECH branded service elevators in buildings where it is difficult to carry the materials or products purchased after shopping by climbing the stairs. In most large houses and villas, it can be installed from the kitchen to the dining room, from the kitchen to the terrace.

What is the carrying capacity of a service lift?

It is 150 kg for average standard service lifts and 250 kg for service lifts larger than 80x80x80 cabin dimensions.

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Where does the term dumbwaiter come from?

The term ‘dumbwaiter’ originated when the elevator was first used in large homes with kitchens in basements or ‘servants’ quarters. These servants use the elevator to take the food to the upstairs dining room and go down again on the way from the kitchen to the dining room, thus used to isolate the noise and smell of food from customers. The origins of the term are simply that this elevator is a way of having your own silent waiter, not seen and heard. You can review our article on the history of Dumbwaiter elevator.

What is the price of a food elevator, a loading elevator?

The price of Food or Service elevators is variable. These vary depending on the number of stops, cabin dimensions, configuration, number of floors and options. You can find out which construction work will be required and its project from our company.

How do I get items in and out of the Food Elevator?

If you have a small service elevator or freight elevator that works as a food elevator, then you will usually mount it at waist level to load/unload plates and cutlery. Larger service elevators are loaded on floors at ground level and take goods to another floor level so your products are on a trolley or pallet.

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I have a business where we serve food. Is there a way to keep food warm?

Yes, we offer an optional heater in our AmadaTECH service lifts. You must specify your heater request at the offer stage.

How many floors does a service elevator run and how much load does it carry?

Our AmadaTECH special configuration series service lifts can travel up to 50 meters or 15 stops and can carry two standard loads – 150kg or 250kg.

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TEMPOINT Shopping Center – Gul Construction Project Inc. – NATA Holding / Sultangazi – Istanbul
13 stops / 42 Meters in Hospital Projects
The first high-rise food elevator project in Turkey
With AmadaTECH Elevator DIFFERENCE

Dumbwaiter elevator models ?

We have different models in Food Service elevators. Single entrance, entrance on each floor from the same direction, reciprocal double entrance, on one floor from the front side on the other floor directly opposite, L entrance diagonal entrance from one floor on the front side on the other floor from the right or left side, Two entrances on the same floor, each floor with both front and opposite doors is happening. In the same shaft, two elevators operate independently, side by side. These small lifts are some of the most compact forms of lift, so you’d be surprised how little space is required. There are also AmadaTECH service lifts specially designed to handle the low headroom upstairs.

How long does it take to install a service lift?

Since AmadaTECH is a manufacturer, the products are always in stock and shipped the same day. If your construction and electrical works are ready, we complete the assembly in 1 day.

If your commercial facility, school, kitchen, restaurant or shop includes two or more food/service floors, you will likely need to use some form of service elevator. We offer a wide range of AmadaTECH’s freight and service elevators, so you can recommend the most suitable product for your needs and see more about our product range.

You can review our Dumbwaiter Elevator Android mobile application

AmadaTECH Elevator Inc. We have a separate web page and a free android mobile application about the Dumbwaiter Elevator.

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