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We have a range of elevators with various features from residences, business centers, high-speed elevators to elevators with and without machine room.
AmadaTECH is Turkey’s leading company with advanced technology and superior quality in the production and assembly of escalators and escalators.
Hydraulic load elevators are in the special manufacturing class. Due to the difference of each need and each structure, a special exploration is required.
Since there is not enough space for parking in the buildings where vehicle platforms are built, the increasing number of cars in today’s conditions has revealed the need for parking, and the top and basement floors of the buildings have started to be used for parking purposes.
They are elevators designed to be applied in duplex and triplex villa type buildings. The most important feature of villa elevators is that they can be applied in buildings that did not require an elevator during the projecting phase and whose construction was completed.
Dumbwaiter (Monsharj) is derived from the French word “monte-charge”; It means service elevator. Service elevators are small elevators used in kitchens, restaurants to bring food and return dirty dishes.

All Types of Models and Capacity Elevator Manufacturing and Installation

We create functional, striking and stylish living spaces that live in our original designs. We transform our bold and diverse ideas into inspiring buildings, interiors, design products and objects.

As AmadaTECH elevator, we combine the difference in our services, from concept design to application projects, from construction process to project management, with our positive perspective and energy, with a contemporary vision.

Elevator Systems
Platform Systems
No Shaft Pit Elevators

Special Solutions for Elevators and Escalators

AmadaTECH products are designed by high development Turkish engineers and ensure that they get good quality products.
We know that the best reference is a happy and satisfied customer.

Building Elevator

Passenger Elevator

We have a wide range of elevators for residences, offices, high-speed elevators, elevators with and without machine room.


Moving Sidewalk

AmadaTECH is Turkey’s leading company with advanced technology and superior quality in the production and assembly of escalators and escalators.

Home Elevator

Villa Elevator

The fact that Amada Home lift can also be applied in buildings that do not require an elevator during the projecting phase.

Amada Academy

Training programs on new products and regulations Online support team

Technical Support

Domestic project support, technical support team in 4 languages for international projects

Architectural Support

Solutions and recommendations for every need Support at every stage of the project

Our exports

We have an annual capacity of 380 packages of elevators and export to + 50 countries.

Suitable for Every Venue Elevator Solutions

New generation Elevator Systems

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Load Carrying Systems

Freight Elevator

Load Platform

Freight elevators can be easily used in buildings, warehouses, factories, shopping centers, wherever there is heavy load transportation. They are special elevators produced for load carrying purposes.

Vehicle elevator

Vehicle Platform

Our vehicle elevators, which can have a capacity of 3000 kg, allow the use of the top and basement floors of your building as parking lots, and restore the space losses such as roads and ramps to the building.

Kitchen Elevator

Food Elevator

The Steel Construction required for the kitchen elevator installation is included in our offer. After the assembly is finished, no steel is required for the outer coating by the customer.

Disabled Elevator, Disabled Platform Solutions

Our Open type Disabled Platform, which provides internal or external vertical movement up to 3 meters, can make changes in public and private properties at levels from 600 mm to 3000 mm.

We offer you flexible solutions with its usability in many areas such as schools, health institutions, municipality buildings, private residences. They are low speed, safe and secure private elevators.

AmadaTECH Stair Elevator is the only elevator in the world that takes up the least space when it is on a floor and has the feature of protecting itself when the electricity is cut off.

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