Disabled Elevator Models

Disabled Elevator Models

Disabled Elevators

The portable disabled elevator generally provides access from a high place without difficulty or the need for another person. These elevators are ideal, especially for people who cannot use normal stairs. This elevator, which can be used by sick or elderly people, is known as a life-enhancing product in both private sector, home life and public institutions. It is extremely important that all parts of the elevator, which generally works non-stop in buildings, residential blocks or offices, are of high quality in order to withstand all kinds of loads. The disabled lift, designed by our company with the mentality of overcoming obstacles together, is manufactured using quality materials that can carry all kinds of weights, including wheelchairs.

Simple Disabled Elevator

Reaching high places is made extremely simple with the simple disabled elevator. The elevator, which can provide approximately 3 meters of external and internal vertical movement, can be used in private properties, public offices and homes. This elevator, which helps disabled people not to depend on other people because of their disabilities, provides them with great convenience. Elevator cabin has been produced parallel to the ground so that disabled people can pass easily. Elevator movement speed and door closing speed are adjusted to adapt to disabled individuals. In addition to all these, the product, which is manufactured more sensitively than other elevators, also includes a voice command system for blind citizens.

Disabled Stair Lift

The disabled stairlift manufactured by our company is a very logical choice in terms of price and usage. The elevator, which makes it possible for every individual to use stairs, has emerged as a result of extremely innovative ideas. The disabled stairlift, which attracts great attention both in Turkey and in the global markets, is extremely important not only as an industrial development, but also in terms of social responsibility. Taking social responsibility is one of the most important conditions for being a modern society. If you also want to support us to eliminate obstacles and make living spaces more livable for everyone, you can reach us either by e-mail or by phone numbers.

Open Type Disabled Platform

Our Open type Disabled platform, which provides up to 3 meters of internal or external vertical movement, can change from 600 mm to 3000 mm in public and private properties and is a suitable alternative solution for fully enclosed platform lifts. Specially designed for applications with little or no alterations to existing buildings. Open type design offers a nice solution with optional Satin stainless and Ral paint. The Amada TECH handicap platform provides a safe and easy way to access a facility where stairs would prevent wheelchair access. It is designed to give customers choice and flexibility.

Closed Type Disabled Platform

Imported 4-valve (Original Italy) Quiet, sensitive stop and start-up motor and pump group. Steel construction (ready pit), adapted for indoor and outdoor usage, and our steel construction product is a weldless system and E.S.B oven painted. UPS system that brings it to the nearest floor in case of power failure, self-protection feature against mains electrical faults, exterior coating option according to customer preference, cabin design, special design, project and manufacturing according to the place where the elevator will be installed.

Elevators Without Shaft Pit

AmadaTECH® Elevators without shaft pit are hydraulic elevators designed to lift obstacles in private residences and villas, bringing a touch of design to any environment without the need for construction work. There is no need for an elevator shaft. Because there is no need for a pit bottom, AmadaTECH elevators without shaft pit contribute to a significant cost savings compared to a conventional elevator.

It provides mobility for people where stairs are an inevitable obstacle, which makes it accessible for people with reduced mobility or the elderly.

AmadaTECH® Elevators without shaft pit are quick, practical and easy to install as they are integrated into the self-supporting steel construction that does not require construction work.
AmadaTECH Elevators without shaft pit can be applied where installation requirements are very limited, all you need is just enough space to specify for elevator installation.

AmadaTECH® Elevators without shaft pit are a very quiet hydraulic elevator with very low energy consumption.

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