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High technology Building and Passenger Elevator

Amada TECH, It is Turkey’s leading elevator company with advanced technology and superior quality in the production of elevators and escalators. It is a modern and professional elevator manufacturer integrating design, research and development, engineering, production, sales, installation and maintenance as a whole.

AmadaTECH designs, manufactures, installs, modernizes and maintains elevators for human and freight transportation for use in homes, hotels, hospitals, offices, shopping malls, airports, metro stations, buildings without elevators. AmadaTECH elevators are designed to meet all vertical transportation needs for people and loads in all types of buildings in a comfortable, safe and efficient manner.

Amada MR

Machine Room Elevator

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Machine Roomless Elevator


Without Pit Elevators

with exceptional service get the perfect solution.

Excellence service is more than just service. This is how we think and act. It’s not just “fixing a problem” or performing routine maintenance, it’s also the “smile” of the voice on the phone, quick responses to all requests, and the constant pursuit of improvement. It’s how we work together and how we work with our customers.

Safety and reliability are an integral part of AmadaTECH’s product offering. We are constantly working to make improvements that contribute to passenger safety and the Safety and Service technicians who maintain Amada TECH elevators worldwide.

One of the most important concepts in the operation of elevators is human safety. Therefore, our equipment includes all necessary mechanisms to ensure the safety of both passengers and elevator installation and maintenance personnel.

Our products have the following safety features:

  • Automatic passenger rescue that guarantees the user to reach the nearest floor so that they can exit the elevator in the event of a power outage.
  • A safety system for indoor spaces that works according to the European standard EN81-20 for new elevators in existing buildings.
  • A sensor system that detects a person entering the shaft and automatically separates the elevator to prevent accidents.
  • There is an option to set up two-way communication and alarm system in accordance with the standard.
  • Certified products in European standards.
  • Specialized technical service team
  • 3 Years warranty

Automatic Cabin Lighting
Cabin Top Protective Handrail
Cabin Handrail
Full Length Mirror
Cabin Door Close Button
Overload Indicator
Cabin Door Release Button
Full Length Beam Curtain on Cabin Door
Cabin and Landing Door Time Setting
Digital Floor Status Indicator Inside the Cabin
Digital Floor Display on All Floors
GSM Supported Communication System
AUTOMATIC BRINGING TO THE FLOOR (Emergency rescue system activated in case of power failure)

AmadaTECH Elevators are in EN 81-20 Regulations and Standards and are CE Certified.

3 years in terms of facility, labor and materials from delivery,

It is under our company’s guarantee for 10 years in terms of having spare parts

Maintenance Service, Assembly Personnel, and Field Personnel to be a professional team member in our company; They join our team after completing the AmadaTECH Academy training and succeeding.

The project and dimensions of the elevators in your project, as well as domestic project support, technical support team in 4 languages, which will help our customers in all matters.

AmadaTECH’s Design Center in Turkey is fully equipped with professionals who follow the latest aesthetic designs to meet the needs of customers.

Building Elevator Solutions Suitable for Every Space

We have a complete range of elevators with a wide range of performance levels and features, from residential elevators installed in private residences to machine room elevators for offices and high speed elevators, and machine roomless elevators. High capacity elevators for tall buildings. Also suitable for apartments, offices, factories, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, etc. We have design and customizable solutions suitable for the purpose of buildings such as Passenger and freight elevators with and without machine room meet the demands of your building’s capacity, dimensions and traffic with complete performance reliability. Our elevators, which are installed both indoors and outdoors, are the ideal choice for your overpasses, metro stations, airports, office buildings, hospitals, hotel and shopping center projects.

We have a team of highly trained engineers to design the perfect elevator for your building. In this way, we create elevators that allow installation in irregular and complex areas, we take care of all the steps of the project without having to worry about anything.

The total flexibility of our products ensures maximum use of available space in all types of buildings, including tight spaces and reduced passageways and pits. In this way, we offer spacious and comfortable cabins in closed areas, and we provide elevator installation even in old buildings that do not have an elevator, since it does not require a machine room.

We also offer the possibility of installing our products in buildings with a three-phase 380 V and a single-phase 220V supply.


Expert Service Maintenance team


The system that brings it to the nearest floor


The best solution for your residences.


Effective traffic management

Building Elevator

Building elevator applications have become one of the indispensable conditions of buildings with the construction of low and high-rise buildings. It is a vehicle that is used vertically to transport people and loads and makes life easier. Electric models are widely used today. In this type of elevator, the cabin carrying loads and people is kept in the air with steel ropes. With the pulley system, the cabin connected to the steel lines can move up or down. The building elevator is also equipped with special braking systems in order to stop it at the desired location.

Elevator Types and Features?

The elevators, which are diversified according to their load carrying capacities, are produced by projecting them in accordance with the buildings. Elevators, which are produced with different designs, are also available in models with completely glass front, side and rear facades. These models, which offer interesting designs and unique usage opportunities for users, are called panoramic elevators. As a result of developing technology and scientific research and development studies, elevators are no longer used only in buildings. Elevators can be seen on many platforms, including even floating platforms. Such transport platforms are found on cruise ships and private yachts. Elevators also undertake human transportation duties in floating vehicles, apart from service elevators. In addition to the special project design of the yacht lift, the door, buttons and cabin are produced entirely in special stainless or glass. These devices are also used in the health sector. With various carrying capacities and cabin speeds, it is suitable for nursing homes, health centers, hospitals, etc. There are elevators in the areas. Especially in terms of health requirements, it should comply with hygiene rules and include measures against bacteria and diseases. Stretcher elevator doors, also known as patient elevators, are wider and cabin buttons are lower.

Elevator Safety and Standards?

Elevators have much more standards than any other device. Security measures are also more than other machines. The biggest reason for this is that it is fatal for people in case of an accident, the elevator is completely under control during its use, and it is used by anyone who has not received special training. Therefore, the electronic, mechanical and electrical parts of the building elevator components must comply with the relevant safety requirements and standards.

Elevator Selection According to Building Type

AmadaTECH’s expert elevator installation team has an elevator solution to suit every building. Whether it’s a commercial or residential building, low-rise or high-rise building, AmadaTECH can design and install an elevator according to your individual requirements.

Something that many property managers or owners are not aware of is that different types and classes of elevators are recommended for buildings depending on the size and types of loads they will be carrying.

Smaller buildings with five floors or less usually require a hydraulic lift. Higher buildings require a machined, electric lift. In the elevator industry, these are called “passenger elevators”.

Passenger Elevators – Building Elevator

Passenger elevators are designed and rated to carry passengers. AmadaTECH Elevator designs passenger elevators in various speeds and sizes. The largest passenger elevators have a capacity of 2,500 kg, but most weigh between 800 kg and 1600 kg. Some are specifically designed for the placement of stretchers, such as hospital applications. They can be hydraulic or traction. They can also be machine roomless and are essentially a special type of electric elevator. Passenger elevator has options with and without machine room

Freight Elevators
Hoists are designed for heavy-duty and material handling. Freight elevators have vertically and horizontally opening freight doors. We can customize the job AmadaTECH freight elevators have to do and the type of building you have and the loads they have to carry. We can design freight elevators to meet any speed and size capacity your building needs.

Service Lifts
Service elevators are often referred to as Personnel elevators or small Freight Elevators. Service elevators are actually regular passenger elevators equipped with utility cabins and floors, and are usually found in the “employees only” area of a commercial building. The most common example is the service elevator used by housekeeping in hotels. Service elevators are also called small freight elevators. It carries loads with a capacity of 500 kg. It is used in workplaces and factories.

Commercial Elevators and Residential Elevators
Residential elevators are designed for business centers and residences. If an elevator is installed serving more than one residence, it must be a commercial elevator. Residential elevators have a capacity of 320,400, 630, 800. Residential elevators are generally applied to machine room elevators.

Machine Roomless Elevators
One of the latest innovations in the elevator industry is machine roomless elevators or MRL elevators. They use a small gearless machine and motor at the top of the elevator shaft. By eliminating the machine room that most elevators require, you can achieve greater efficiency in space planning. Due to their compact structures Machine roomless elevators are used in high-rise buildings. Machine roomless elevators are also classified as passenger or freight elevators.

Dumbwaiter Elevator
Food transportation and service in residences, hotels, hospitals, villas, cafes and restaurants can be very practical. They can be set up in a small space and allow quick and easy transportation of meals, packages or other items between floors. AmadaTECH Elevator produces a special assembly elevator solution that will fully meet your needs for your building.

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