Escalators Usage, Maintenance

Escalators Usage, Maintenance

Escalator Maintenance and Safety Precautions

The purpose of the invention and use of escalators was only designed for human transportation. Transporting bulky and heavy items on escalators may cause damage or damage to the device, as well as obstructions and distortions, and scratches on the side and vertical panels. Such situations may cause accidents and create unsafe environments. In terms of security measures;

  1. Holding the handrails during use,
  2. Not riding with baby carriages or wheelchairs,
  3. Not to be used by elderly and disabled people who have difficulty walking,
  4. Children should not play around the escalator.
  5. Paying attention to the gaps in the edges of the bands and the escalator section,
  6. Not riding with bare feet
  7. Users should face the direction of travel.

Maintenance is mandatory for all types of escalators. These maintenances are of two types, monthly and annual. In general, the following procedures are applied in maintenance.

  1. Cleaning operations; cleaning of station wells, cleaning of steps and rails and cleaning of oil pans.
  2. System control operations; control of motor, step, hand band elongation chains, automatic lubrication system oil level and control, and clearance between skirting boards and steps.
  3. Control operations of safety circuits; step break, hand band jamming, directional band and comb plate contacts operation control, emergency shutdown button activity control.

All precautions and practices regarding maintenance and safety are of high importance for those who use and use escalators.

Escalator cleaning

Cleaning lifting equipment should be a regular escalator maintenance activity for every elevator owner, building owner and facility manager, it can sometimes be overlooked. However, if there is a maintenance plan and the right equipment is used, cleaning the escalator is not difficult.

  1. How often should an escalator be cleaned?
    The average escalator is once or twice a month, as long as the escalator has never been cleaned before and is not extremely dirty.
  2. What extra cleaning should I do during the lockdown of the escalator due to COVID?
    To help minimize the spread of infection, we recommend regularly wiping the handrails with a disinfected damp cloth or alcohol wipe.
  3. Is there an easier way than constantly cleaning the handrails?
    Yes! A UV disinfection unit installed on the inside of escalators and moving walkways will automatically kill 99.9% of bacteria. Installation is relatively simple for a qualified escalator engineer,
  4. How do I clean an escalator?
    Often escalator and/or escalator owners purchase specialized escalator cleaning equipment (or use a specialist cleaning company) that uses a “dry” method of deep cleaning. Dry cleaning involves a machine placed on elevator equipment while it is running. The movement of the escalator together with the cleaning machine helps to remove grounded dirt in the tread area that normal brushes overlook.

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