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Amada TECH is Turkey’s leading elevator company with advanced technology and superior quality in the production of elevators and escalators. It is a modern and professional elevator manufacturer integrating design, research and development, engineering, production, sales, installation and maintenance as a whole.

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TEMPOINT – Gul Construction Project Inc. – NATA Holding / Sultangazi – Istanbul
13 stops in Hospital Projects / 42 Meter Cruise
The first high-rise food elevator project in Turkey
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Free Detection

Our technical team makes on-site exploration of the kitchen elevator in your project, helping to determine the most suitable place, and informs our sales staff of all dimensions.

Architectural Support

The project and dimensions of the kitchen elevator in your project are sent to the customer by e-mail on the same day.

Steel Construction Included

The Steel Construction required for the kitchen elevator installation is included in our price offer. After the elevator installation, no additional profile or steel is required for the outer covering by the customer.

Maintenance - Detection Service

After the assembly of the kitchen elevator is completed, the monthly periodic maintenance and service of the elevator is provided by us.

Kitchen Elevator Manufacturing and Installation in All Types and Capacity

We create functional, striking and stylish living spaces that live in our original designs. We transform our bold and diverse ideas into inspiring buildings, interiors, design products and objects.
As AmadaTECH elevator , we combine the difference in our services we offer, from concept design to application projects, from construction process to project management, with our positive perspective and energy, with a contemporary vision.

Kitchen Elevator Instant Delivery from Stocks
The Steel Construction required for the kitchen elevator installation is included in our price offer. After the elevator installation, no additional profile or steel is required for its outer covering by the customer.

Immediate Delivery from Stock.
Steel Construction (Suitable for Hygienic Conditions, Strength, Weldless System)
Quiet Italian Bongfiliogli Engine,
Electronic Control Panel Arkel
Call Send System
304 quality stainless guillotine door
304 quality stainless cabinet
304 quality stainless cabinet shelf
3 meters long rail
cabin bumper
Project support
380 V Three Phase
Crate packaging for out-of-town orders
Crate packaging for overseas orders
Technical support in 4 languages for international orders
ISO Certified
mobile application
Drum, weighted, L Inlet, Jib system
Cab door (Optional)
Speed control (Optional)
Voice warning system (Optional)
Installation team support (Optional)
Ready Plumbing (Optional)
Working with 220 V (Optional)

Architectural Firms, Cafe, Restaurant, Hotel, Villa, Pharmacy, Jewelry Store, Factory, Exchange Office, Social Facilities, Store, Station, Food Sites, Ships and Yachts, School, Foundation, Classroom, Beauty Center, Hair Salon, Library, Municipality, Bank, Consulate Building, Mansion, Dentistry, Dublex Apartment, Office, Factoring Companies, Gallery, Hospital, Club – Bar, Entertainment Centers, Elevator Companies, Construction Companies, Foreign Trade Companies, Kitchen and Bathroom Companies, Construction Markets, Sports Clubs


Features of the elevator (Applicable for Drum System Kitchen Elevator)
Capacity: 50 – 100 – 150 Kg
Hanger Ratio: 1/1
Hanger Type : Direct Drum
Door Size: 600×600 mm
Cabinet Dimension: Width: 600 mm – Depth: 600 mm – Height: 600 mm
Cabin Entry : One Way
It will be Braille Alphabet with Call and Send system (Button group).
Engine ( Drum )
Doors will be Guillotine Door / 304 Quality Stainless / Stop Switches
There will be a lock system on the doors. ( Optional )
Cabinet 304 quality satin stainless / with partition (It should be removable when necessary.)
Control Panel Single speed / Suitable for Call and Send system / Arkel ARL 100 Preferably or equivalent
Installation Installation and Shipping will be included in the prices. (May differ in Out of City Jobs)
If Steel Construction is not available, it will be included in the prices by discovery. Steel Construction will be in accordance with hygienic conditions. (Preferably: Galvanized Sheet or painted profile)
Delivery time …… (The company will indicate the work program in the offer.)
Well drilling with core drilling – closing the well edges – construction work belongs to the Customer.
It is the customer’s responsibility to supply electricity to the well for the elevator to work.
The elevator will be under warranty for 3 years. All kinds of materials that may arise from problems, errors and defects arising from all kinds of materials and workmanship other than intentional use will be replaced free of charge during the warranty period.
Elevators under warranty will be made by the company that installed them against a fee. Elevators that are not maintained will be out of warranty.
No Pit Space is required.
This type of elevators are NOT licensed.

DIMENSIONS (Specified as an Example.)
Cabinet Dimensions: Width 600 mm Depth 600 mm Height 600 mm
( Required well size : Width : 950 mm – Depth : 850 mm ) ( STANDARD SIZE Most Used )

The dimensions mentioned above are given as an example for the 600x600x600 Kitchen lift. Well sizes vary in different sizes.

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